[Mailman-Users] set mailman default for nonmember_rejection_notice

Christopher Adams chris.a.adams at state.or.us
Tue Feb 7 18:23:07 CET 2006

That is good to know. Is the Mailman/Handlers/Moderate.py file 
overwritten in an upgrade? I recently changed all lists using withlist 
to use specific text for rejected non-member messages. If I modify the 
Moderate.py file, that should take care of all new lists, unless a list 
owner chooses to modify their list.

Christopher Adams

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Christopher Adams wrote:
>>I am trying to set the default message (for new lists) for non-member 
>>posts that are rejected. In mm_cfg.py, I have tried:
>>NONMEMBER_REJECTION_NOTICE= "Blah blah blah blah"
>>That doesn't work.
>>I understand that Python can use single, double, or triple quotes. None 
>>of these work.
> The problem is not in the syntax of your assignment, The problem is the
> default nonmember_rejection_notice for new lists is the null string
> (which in turn causes the default notice coded into
> Mailman/Handlers/Moderate.py to be used) and there is no provision for
> setting a different default in mm_cfg.py.
> In general, the only things that can be meaningfully set in mm_cfg.py
> are those things which are defined in Defaults.py.

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