[Mailman-Users] Changing Email-Texts...

Christian Erbe erbe at fh-swf.de
Wed Feb 8 08:58:32 CET 2006

Hi there & sorry to bother, 
I couldn't find any suitable information on the web site, FAQs or manuals,
so I decided to mail my problem:
For some of our purposes the translation of some texts is not really
working, including those texts in the confirmation and welcome emails that
are not customizable via admin interface. Also, we would like to change
parts of the web texts that are automatically inserted via <MM-Field> tags.
I have tried to contact P.Heinlein, who is contact person for German
translation, but he seems to be busy. Actually, he probably would not be the
right guy to talk to anyway, because the translation per se is not "wrong",
it just doesn't fit our needs...
So I was wondering, if at any chance there is a plan to make thoses texts
(that are still hidden in source code somewhere) customizable via
webinterface, too and - if this is the case - when such an update is
planned; or - if this is not the case - what else we can do to solve our
problem. Trying to change the source code doesn't seem to be a good idea, as
nobody here really understands python and the next update will probably
cause trouble.
Thanks a lot & best regards,
Christian Erbe

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