[Mailman-Users] Redirect all -bounce emails

Tom Kavanaugh tomnaugh at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 19:39:33 CET 2006

Hello Folks,

I recently setup a mailman server with ver 2.1.6, and I am liking it so far.

Since I am not with the IT Team of my organization,  I am working around
some mailman problems and this is where I need some ideas.

I setup a few mail lists (including default mailman list) in 
name.comdomain, and worked with my IT folks to redirect <maillist>@
name.com to my mail server <mailist>@mine.name.com
I do get a few <maillist-name>-bounce at name.com emails, and I would like to
re-direct all these emails to mailman at name.com (or mailman at mine.name.com)
Does someone have ideas how to accomplish this?

I do not administer the company's mail servers.
Folks here are not open to the list.name.com domain idea, for legacy
I have a bunch of /etc/aliases entries for each of my mail lists on
mine.name.com server.
Is there a way I can use these alaises to re-firect <maillist-bounce>@
name.com to mailman at name.com

Any help / ideas are appreciated.


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