[Mailman-Users] Problems sending to list

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sun Feb 12 03:18:56 CET 2006

Patrick Bogen wrote:

>Post shows my message sent to the list received properly.

Actually, 'post' log entries say that the message was not only
'received' by Mailman, but that it made it all the way through and was
sent out.

>SMTP shows
>that it delivered to recipients. (If exact messages would be helpful,
>let me know and I'll grab them from the logs.

This means that the outgoing message was successfully passed to and
accepted by the MTA. It is a matter of faith that the recipients of
the message as sent to the MTA are in fact the list members who should
receive it. At this point, it's up to the MTA to deliver it, and if we
accept that the recipient list given to the MTA is correct and doesn't
include the 'announce' address, the only thing that would come back
would be a bounce which should be returned to the announce-bounces

>These reports are from
>memory, but I looked at the various logs several times before
>resorting to asking for help. :)

Thank you.

The smtp log entry relating to delivery of a post looks something like

Feb 11 17:17:09 2006 (1570) <43EE8C62.3050407 at bbiw.net> smtp for 66
recips, completed in 0.887 seconds.

The important things are the message-id (<43EE8C62.3050407 at bbiw.net> in
this case) and the number of recipients (66 here) equal to the number
of message mode subscribers with delivery enabled minus the sender if
the sender is 'not metoo' and minus any subscribers that are 'nodups'
and mentioned in To: or Cc: of the post.

The important thing about the message-id of the post is that it not be
of the form <mailman.6292.1139703813.1568.list at host>, because that
indicates a Mailman internally generated message and not a post.

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