[Mailman-Users] Pls help debug mm-postfix disconnect. Thanks.

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Feb 13 23:09:09 CET 2006

Patrick Bogen wrote:

>I don't know postfix very well, but the points that I'd look at are:
>Is a newline and whitespace the proper separate for separate entries
>in alias_maps, virtual_alias_domains, and virtual_alias_maps?
>Are the permissions on alias_maps correct?

I don't think any of this matters because the problem is with outgoing
mail. These all have to do with delivering incoming mail to Mailman
which is working as posts are reaching the archive.

>Do the mailman logs show anything interesting?

Good question.

>On 2/13/06, Hugh Esco <he at reclaimedcomputers.ca> wrote:
>> This mailman instance is giving me fits.  It is one of four mailman installations on this server and at least one of them has been in active use since December.  I created this one in January, my test posts show up in the online archives.  But no mail seems to be getting off the server -- from this mailman installation, even as mail sent from the command line and mail sent with the Leyland list is getting out.  The MTA is postfix.
>> All my qrunners seem to be running:


>> My MTA's logs seem useless on this point:
>> [02:15:31]<root at www1:/u/d/devmm/mailman> ls /var/log/postfix/ -lt
>> total 0
>> -rwxr-x---  1 postfix postfix 0 Dec 14 04:42 errorlog
>> -rwxr-x---  1 postfix postfix 0 Dec 14 04:41 maillog

So there's nothing at all in the Postfix logs? Not even a startup
message? Are you sure these are the right logs?

Check Mailman's post, smtp and smtp-failure logs. In particular, if
smtp says "smtp for n recips, completed" the post was given to the MTA
and it's out of Mailman's hands.

Is there anything im Mailman's error log? Is anything in qfiles/out/ or


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