[Mailman-Users] GMane?

John A. Martin jam at jamux.com
Thu Feb 16 04:06:10 CET 2006

>>>>> "CC" == Christopher X Candreva
>>>>> "Re: [Mailman-Users] GMane?"
>>>>>  Wed, 15 Feb 2006 17:53:37 -0500 (EST)

    CC> On Wed, 15 Feb 2006, John A. Martin wrote:
    >> Not only is this list, Mailman-Users, but also Mailman-Announce
    >> and Mailman-Developers appear to have simultaneously
    >> disappeared from Gmane.  Is there someone who doesn't like
    >> Gmane?  If so, please explain your objections.  Many lists use
    >> Gmane with satisfaction.  Why should the Mailman lists be
    >> different?

    CC> Actually you are answering your own question. This was
    CC> discussed on the list BEFORE they were removed. However since
    CC> you were reading via newsgroups -- you missed it.

No. I read mailing lists and News the same.  I read selectively based
primarily upon the Subject.  I noticed nothing in recent Subjects that
suggested to me that action to block this list from Gmane was being

I have read many mailing lists as newsgroups on Gmane for several
years and have been unaware of missing anything substantial from a
subscribed list.

    CC> I always wondered how people could possibly post a question
    CC> that had been beated to death on a list all day, and I'm
    CC> starting to think newsgroup reading mode is the reason.

Lay it perhaps instead to the disappearance of the conveniently
searchable Gmane archive.

A couple of days ago I noticed that the Mailman lists had disappeared
From my display of Gmane groups.  I did not react immediately thinking
this might be corrected.  After I discovered that the Mailman lists
had apparently disappeared from Gmane I looked in the most recent
python.org/pipermail archive and saw the article

        John Swartzentruber
        "[Mailman-Users] GMane?"
        Wed, 15 Feb 2006 09:41:02 -0500

to which I responded, having noted the absence of a 'Re:' in the
subject indicating that it was the start of a thread.  In the absence
of other articles on the subject of 'Gmane' in the same archive back a
couple of weeks about an event of recent days, I believe my response
to that article was appropriate.

After seeing your criticism I looked at the python.org/pipermail
archive of this list for January and February (to date) and used my
browser to search those two pages for 'gmane' and for 'news'.  The
only thing I found was a thread of three articles starting at
discussing an issue that I take te be involved with Mailman's News
gateway which has nothing to do with a mailing list subscribed to
Gmane using the facilities at the Gmane web site.

Please consider the likelihood that searching the Gmane archive, were
it available, would have searched the entire articles in the archive
and I would likely have seen at the outset where the question had been
beaten to death all day.

Absent a searchable archive, would you like to give a pointer for
someone that does not read every article every day in every group to
which he is subscribed?


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