[Mailman-Users] Archiving Question

Jeff Edwards Jeff.Edwards at ccci.org
Thu Feb 16 19:15:36 CET 2006

I¹ve been trying for several weeks now to understand the workings of Mailman
2.1.6¹s archiving system, in order to produce an HTML archive to the
specification of my organization. Specifically, since many members of our
organization send plain text email with attached HTML signatures, or fully
HTML email, the managers find the ŒAn HTML attachment was scrubbed...² links
very undesirably. I¹ve altered the settings in mm_cfg.py to attempt to make
Mailman stop removing the HTML attachments and instead convert them to
plaintext, but nothing I do seems able to make it display the contents of
the attachment on the same page as the body of the message. I would like for
the content of the HTML to appear on the HTML page for that message, rather
than requiring an extra clickthrough to see half the message. Is it possible
to make Mailman do this?

Jeff Edwards
Web Developer
Campus Crusade for Christ

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