[Mailman-Users] emails being sent to moderators

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Feb 16 20:57:28 CET 2006

Patrick Bogen wrote:

>Probably a dumb question, but can you report the values of
>admin_immed_notify (I think this is [one of] the applicable
>Also, maybe tail your mail server's logs and mailman's logs and see if
>you can trace what's happening when you send a message that gets
>On 2/15/06, troy kern <wytygr_99 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> For some reason mailman is not sending emails to
>> moderators for pending requests. I have fought this
>> for about a week and can not get it to work. Any ideas
>> as to what could be causing the issue?

In addition to Patrick's suggestions, make sure that the addresses
listed for owners and moderators are valid.

Also, you might try just sending an email to LIST-owner at ... to see if
that is delivered.

Also, if you are talking about daily summaries as opposed to immediate
notifications check to see that the cron/checkdbs job is being run by

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