[Mailman-Users] footers in mailman

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Feb 16 22:19:36 CET 2006

Steven Jones wrote:
>I am having difficulty in settings footers in mailman. The mailman-users
>list here attaches a footer and Outlook displays it correctly, however
>my own list mail appears as an attachment, so I assume I am missing a
>setting? Searching the archives suggests it is an Exchnage problem but
>if one list is OK, then the other should be as well....

It depends on the details of your post after content filtering if any.
If the post is a single text/plain part and there are no 'character
set issues', the list header and/or footer will just be added to the
text/plain part. Otherwise, they will be added as separate MIME parts.


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