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Luke Shannon lukeshannon at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 17 16:38:17 CET 2006

Ok, Mailman is looking like the solution to my problems.

To get this going I need to create mailman lists from my existing email 
addresses to vendor mappings in the MySQL DB (I don't want everyone already 
signed up to have to re-subscribe). Is it easy to import a list to Mailman?

Once I have my lists in place I think the following is required:

1. Create a customized welcome message that avoids mentioning how to post to 
the list so new people joining.

2. Restrict the list so only authorized persons can post. My java program 
will be this "person". Not sure how to configure this from a Mailman point 
of view yet.

3. Modify my DB table to map the Mailman send list addresses to a vendors. 
Thus my program sends a mail to that address and Mailman distributes it to 
the members.

Does all this sound reasonable?

Thanks for all the help thus far :-)


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>Luke Shannon wrote:
> >Actually it doesn't really need to be in MySQL. As long as Mailman 
> >the add and removing of addresses to a list and creates an alias for each
> >list, my java program could be tweaked to send mail to all alias rather 
> >a set of email addresses (as it does now).
>Mailman does not create an alias per se. It does provide a list posting
>address and receives posts at that address and sends them to the list
>If the only purpose of your MySQL database is to provide a list of
>people/addresses to deliver to, you could use Mailman without
>modification and let it maintain it's own membership list and handle
>bounce processing and subscribe/unsubscribe, etc.
>for information about setting up announcement (one-way) lists.
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