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Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Feb 17 18:05:16 CET 2006

Patrick Bogen wrote in response to Luke Shannon

>This all sounds fine. It's trivially easy to add a list of email
>addresses to a list (there's a textbox on the admin page that you dump
>them into and click a button)

Or you can upload a file through the same mass subscribe interface or
use the command line bin/add_members tool.

>Mass-adding the lists is a bit trickier, I think. However, if they're
>all basically the same you can generate one configuration file sans
>things like the list name, and then programmatically (e.g., with a
>shell script, or whatever you prefer) generate all 90 (was it?) if
>your lists. I'm not sure where/how to get this file except by (a)
>adding a list using the normal method, and then (b) using config_list
>-o <file> <listname> to dump its config. Someone else may know a
>better way.

You can both add and configure the lists with a shell script or other
process that runs bin/newlist to create the lists and then
bin/config_list to configure them. Patrick's method for generating the
configuration file is probably the easiest.

>1. Templates for messages are stored in
>$prefix/mailman/templates/<LANG> -- The welcome message is
>'subscribeack.txt' -- On my box templates is a symlink to
>/etc/mailman, but YMMV.

for the recommended way to create customized templates that won't be
overwritten in an update.

>2. The simplest way to accomlish this seems to be to (a) set
>'default_member_moderation' to  1 in the config files as described
>above, (b) set member_moderation_action to 2 (discard: e.g., don't
>accept, and also don't tell the sender about it), (c) set
>generic_nonmember_action to 3 (discard), and (d) add the sender
>address for your java program to the 'accept_these_nonmembers' list.

As I mentioned previously, see
for information about setting up announcement lists. Most of this is
covered there in detail.

As for posting, the most secure way is to moderate everyone as covered
in the FAQ and then have the script add an Approved: header to it's
post. The script will need to have the list admin password available
for this, but that shouldn't be a problem.

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