[Mailman-Users] auto-rejecting non-member posts

Christopher X. Candreva chris at westnet.com
Fri Feb 17 20:47:41 CET 2006

On Fri, 17 Feb 2006, Brad Knowles wrote:

> 	The reason they're still asking on the list?  Because they sent
> messages on this subject months ago which were simply discarded instead of
> being bounced, and they were never notified.

Then someone should be going through them by hand, or put them through 
SpamAssassin or something else.

> 	No, you don't want to generate blowback to forged addresses.  But
> simply sending back a message saying that your post has been held for
> moderation is a form of blowback that is being generated today on most
> Mailman-hosted mailing lists.

And it has come up here also that SpamAssassin or some such should be in the 
pipeline first. Blindly replying to all of it is bad.

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