[Mailman-Users] How to reply to a non-member post

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sun Feb 19 22:46:08 CET 2006

Thai Nguyen wrote:
>Here is a problem:
>After approved, the emails go to members. When members
>reply to the post, they reply to the list but not the
>Is there an option in mailman, or may be a quick hack
>to the code to allow members when they reply it will
>go direct to the users.

On the list's General Options under Reply-To: header munging, make sure
that first_strip_reply_to setting is No and reply_goes_to_list setting
is Poster.

What happens depends on the replier's MUA, but for most, 'reply' will
go only to the original poster, and 'reply all' or 'group reply' will
go to the original poster and to the list (assuming the list was not a
Bcc: in the original message).	

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