[Mailman-Users] Relationship URL with Lists

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Feb 20 19:09:44 CET 2006

Gustavo Mesquita wrote:
>I have created lists using the command:
>"./newlist -u myurl.domain.br -q ListName mail at myself.org passwd"
>But, when I configure the list using the archive "sitelist.cfg" with the
>"./config_list -i sitelist.cfg ListName"
>The list loses the reference for URL when it was created!
>I need to user the archive "sitelist.cfg" for configure the list and I can't
>to lose the reference...

First, the supplied sitelist.cfg is only intended to be used for the
site list ('mailman' list). It is not intended to be used for any
other list. Those should be configured as needed via the web admin

Second, I don't understand why this would happen anyway, as the
supplied sitelist.cfg does not contain any settings for host_name or
web_page_url, and config_list will only change those attributes which
are set in the input file.

You can verify before and after by running

bin/dumpdb lists/ListName/config.pck

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