[Mailman-Users] obscure addresses in archive

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Feb 21 03:09:23 CET 2006

enyc at evtech.org wrote:
>I expect at the moment this involves some mess making a second
>  copy of the archive with the email addresses removed??
>I notice mailman-users has a separate mailing list archive with
>  email addresses hidden... How does that work?

I assume you are thinking of the mailman-users archive at
mail-archive.com. That is a totally separate from Mailman archive that
works by subscribing it to your list. See

With mm_cfg.py settings, you can choose to either collect the list
posts in the cumulative listname.mbox/listname.mbox or not and to
maintain an archive or not. The default is to use both and to use
pipermail as the archiver, but you can specify a different 'external'
archiver to be used instead of pipermail.

There is a lot of stuff in the archives of this list, part of which is
about archiving with both pipermail and an external archiver. The
following google search will get all the threads.

Note that mail-archive.com is not an external archiver in this sense.
It is just an address subscribed to the list.

>Maybe this sort of facility/framework should be included in
>  Mailman 3.x ??

There are several archiving improvements on the list at

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