[Mailman-Users] Unable to execute a script when incoming mail arrives

kannan.ekanath at gmail.com kannan.ekanath at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 16:19:40 CET 2006

I am using MailMan 1.0.1.

Whenever a mail arrives, i want to execute a script this is in
relation to the integration with mail2forum software. The document

Then add the following line to the .forward file of your mailing list's account:

I am not sure what exactly is meant by this .forward file. I tried
putting the alias in the /etc/aliases file but it doesnot seem to
archive. Can someone tell me as to where exactly this aforementioned
.forward file resides. It has eaten up my brain for last 8 hours

Kannan Ekanath
-- You aint any expert, if you are - "PROUD"

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