[Mailman-Users] Protecting Administrators

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Feb 23 06:23:34 CET 2006

David Andrews wrote:
>Apparently, things can happen that cause PostIni to block mail to a user, it seems to happen at times of heavy spam, but the ISP doesn't seem to know much more, and they say the Postini folks won't talk about it, they consider it to be proprietary info.
>Anyway, this is a long way to say that even though I am Administrator, I occasionally get disabled on one or more lists.  With so many lists I occasionally miss the message that Mailman sends.  Then I am off the list, and don't know it.
>Is there any way to protect a list subscription, despite bounces?  

Not short of turning off bounce processing.

But, if you're sure Postini is the problem, you can bypass it for your
list mail. For example, the MX records for value.net go to various
psmtp.com (Postini) servers, but Postini has to deliver somewhere
which in my case is mail.value.net, so any mail addressed to me at
mail.value.net bypasses Postini completely.

If you look at the Received: headers in your incoming mail, the one at
the top (last one added) will give the name of the server that your
mail was finally delivered to. Just use that host name in your email
address to completely bypass Postini.

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