[Mailman-Users] List Suddenly Moderated

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Feb 24 01:12:15 CET 2006

mcnutt wrote:

>Okay, stupid question:  where is the list normally set to be "moderated?"

I tried to answer this in my original reply. There are two kinds of
moderation settings. The first is emergency moderation of all list
traffic, and it is set on or off on the General Options page near the
bottom - the first item under additional settings.

Other than that, there is no list moderation setting even though the
hold reason is "post to moderated list". It is the poster that is
moderated, not the list. The member's moderation flag is the checkbox
in the 'mod' column of the Membership List page.

All member's 'mod' flags can be turned on or off at once by selecting
Off or On as desired for "Set everyone's moderation bit, including
those members not currently visible" under Additional Member Tasks at
the bottom of any Membershp List page and clicking Set.

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