[Mailman-Users] subscribe policy for admin and user approval notworking

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Feb 24 22:18:41 CET 2006

Jana Nguyen wrote:
>I want both confirmation from admin and user prior to subscribing to a 
>list.  I modified the 'mm_cfg.py' file with the
>entry below, but it only ask for user confirmation and not admin?  Do I 
>need to comment out the DEFAULT_SUBSCRIBE_POLICY=1
>in the Defaults.py file (I believe you don't modify this file). 
># 0 - open list (only when ALLOW_OPEN_SUBSCRIBE is set to 1) **
># 1 - confirmation required for subscribes
># 2 - admin approval required for subscribes
># 3 - both confirmation and admin approval required
># ** please do not choose option 0 if you are not allowing open
># subscribes (next variable)

You are correct. You don't modify Defaults.py. However, you can't just
make up names to set in mm_cfg.py. Essentially, the only meaningful
thing you can do in mm_cfg.py is override the settings of things which
are already defined in Defaults.py.

mm_cfg names which aren't defined in Defaults.py are not referenced
anywhere in Mailman. If they were, it would cause a NameError
exception if they weren't defined in mm_cfg.py.

DEFAULT_SUBSCRIBE_POLICY sets the initial subscribe_policy for new
lists. You may or may not want to override that in mm_cfg.py with
DEFAULT_SUBSCRIBE_POLICY = 3, but what you really want in this case is
to go to the list admin interface Privacy options...->Subscription
rules page for the existing list and set subscribe_policy to Confirm
and Approve.

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