[Mailman-Users] delivery to Prodigy

Jeff Donsbach jeff.donsbach at gmail.com
Sat Feb 25 05:36:00 CET 2006

Has anyone out there had any problems with their lists where messages
were not being delivered to subscribers on Prodigy?  I have one user
on Prodigy (small lists) that says he hasn't received any list emails
for a while now. I checked my Postfix logs and I can see that Prodigy
accepted the messages successfully (return code 250). I'm at a loss of
what to do next. Yes, I have told him to check any Spam filters &
folders on his end to see if messages were getting caught somewhere.
No luck. No messages found.

Suggestions? Could Prodigy be silently dropping messages from my lists?

Thanks in advance,

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