[Mailman-Users] delivery to Prodigy

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Feb 25 16:17:49 CET 2006

Jeff Donsbach wrote:

>Has anyone out there had any problems with their lists where messages
>were not being delivered to subscribers on Prodigy?

My prodigy users receive list posts OK.

>I have one user
>on Prodigy (small lists) that says he hasn't received any list emails
>for a while now. I checked my Postfix logs and I can see that Prodigy
>accepted the messages successfully (return code 250). I'm at a loss of
>what to do next. Yes, I have told him to check any Spam filters &
>folders on his end to see if messages were getting caught somewhere.
>No luck. No messages found.
>Suggestions? Could Prodigy be silently dropping messages from my lists?

Absolutely, but if they are, it is unlikely that the fact that they
come from Mailman or have Precedence: list is the reason unless the
user has somehow elected not to receive Precedence: list mail.

The next step is for the user to complain to Prodigy that he is not
receiving mail that he wants to receive, and to keep beating on them
until they stop censoring his mail or satisfactorily explain what the
problem is. You can help by providing the log messages that show the
mail was sent and 'accepted' at their end.

You could try contacting Prodigy too, but I think this kind of
complaint is more likely to produce a successful result if it coms
from their customer.

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