[Mailman-Users] Can't Delete Corrupt Subscriber Address

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sun Feb 26 04:23:13 CET 2006

Tim wrote:
>We have a subscriber address that has /t on the end of it (xxx at xxx.com/t) which can only be seen when dumping the lists config file.  The subscriber address looks normal xxx at xxx.com) when looking for it using any other method (list members, etc).

Do you mean '\t', i.e. a tab character? Is the difference between '\t'
and '/t' a typo here or does it have something to do with your lack of

If you try the '-f' option with list_members, you might actually see
the <tab> between 'xxx.com' and the terminating '>'.

>I've tried to use reg exps using remove member with no luck

Do you mean bin/remove_members? It doesn't accept regexps, only literal
addresses, and it won't accept a '\t' escape - you'd need to give it
an actual tab character.

You could try

bin/remove_members listname 'xxx at xxx.com<tab>'

where <tab> represents an actual tab character

>and tried using the method described in the FAQ (3.13. How do I remove a user name or email address with an illegal character in it?) with no luck either.

Try bin/withlist -l listname

and then at the '>>>' prompts type

adr = 'xxx at xxx.com\t'    (this should be the actual address of course)

If that throws an exception, try

del m.members[adr]

Then in any case type


in order to save the changed list, and finally type control-D to a
prompt to end the interactive session.

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