[Mailman-Users] Msg Delivery Problem

Web Developer webdev90 at googlemail.com
Sun Jan 1 15:47:30 CET 2006


I am a new user here and this is the first time that I use mailman as
mailing list solution.

I have a dedicated server on a German ISP (Strato) and mailman was
preinstalled on my system.

I just made settings for users and status of service as described below.

- I have Plesk 7.5 on a Suse 9.3
- Mail man was activated direct on Plesk interface. I do not installed
anything manulaly.
- When I create a list, list owner gets a notification msg.
- When I add a user, this new user gets welcome msg.
- Users would login direct web interface for mailman and can do any action
direct there.
- BUT when a user sends a msg to the list THERE IS NOT MSG DELIVERED TO THE
- There is also no information list admin for any action.

Is that a configuration problem, or general what is the problem and what can
I do now?


Cenk Eder

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