[Mailman-Users] sorting out bounces

Eric S. Johansson esj at harvee.org
Sun Jan 1 23:22:32 CET 2006

Brad Knowles wrote:
> 	Now, maybe it doesn't work the way you want, but it is absolutely 
> *NOT* "totally useless".

your explanations further on were quite helpful and correct my 
misunderstandings.  Therefore I stand corrected on this feature.

> 	List admins don't receive the bounces.  The system does.  There 
> are many examples of groups of multiple list admins all managing the 
> same mailing lists, and having absolutely no problems whatsoever with 
> this method.

and obviously something is broken with my environment and has been for 
years with various distributions.  When the monthly notices go out, the 
human associated with the mailman address gets all of the bounces.

> 	Now, one thing you can do is to have the admin get notified when 
> a user gets unsubscribed, and a copy of the bounce that resulted in 
> that unsubscription.  Alternatively, you can effectively disable the 
> bounce management process altogether, but then all list admins would 
> receive copies of all bounces.

I'm not sure where that setting is because it must be disabled with the 
stock mailman from (running on) sourceforge, ubuntu and gentoo because 
that's how it behaves.  Bounces go to list administrators or the mailman 

> 	Mailman is an open-source project.  You're perfectly welcome to 
> write code to implement a feature the way you want, and contribute 
> that code back to the project so that you don't have to keep 
> maintaining your patch and re-applying it every time a new version 
> comes out.

I recognize that invitation.  I've handed out many of them on ipcop, 
camram, and akasha in recent times and fig-forth, atari st uupc, and 
cgos kermit in the past.  pray we won't get fooled again (mebby).

> 	Which is why you use VERP and personalization.  Try searching the 
> FAQ Wizard.

thank you for the reference, it's done and looks like it's working.

> 	Doesn't work when you've got 500,000 subscribers.  If you don't 
> like the point at which subscribers are broken into separate groups, 
> you can always change that through a setting in mm_cfg.py -- again, 
> try searching the FAQ Wizard and the archives of the list.

I had months ago and came up empty.  Maybe I should've let my wife do 
that, she has the talent with searches no matter how 'quirky' the engine 
may be.

we shall see how well verping works over the next 35 days and see if 
bounces are handled properly.

--- eric

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