[Mailman-Users] Getting my mailing list

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Wed Jan 4 14:03:19 CET 2006

At 6:05 AM -0500 2006-01-04, William F. Hill, Jr. wrote:

>                                                          Some of you have
>  been very kind and told me some ways using "cron jobs" and stuff like that
>  but to be honest that is over my head unless you tell me point by point the
>  exact things to do.  My goal is to get my list downloaded and then create a
>  NEW list on another server but I do not want to manually type all the email
>  addresses again (though there are only 62 addresses).

	The e-mail interface is probably the simplest method, but the 
problem is that some (or all) of the addresses may be hidden from you 
via this method.  The other methods are going to be more complete, 
but as you point out they are also more complex.

	You may want to go ahead and try the e-mail method and see what 
that gives you, as compared to what you can see via the web interface.

>  Also, why doesn't mailman have this feature built in?  It seems that this
>  would be a normal thing to want to do from time to time for backup purposes.

	It's kind of like asking why a pen doesn't work like a pencil. 
It just wasn't designed that way.  It was designed to do other things 
that a pencil can't do.

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