[Mailman-Users] Problem with 2.1.7

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Mon Jan 9 06:58:40 CET 2006

At 10:57 AM -0600 2006-01-08, Mel Sojka wrote:

>                                  Thanks Mark but the FAQ is a bit out of
>  date Since it has been many years since mailman had anything in the
>  /home directory that had to do with the program.

	The point of the examples used is to show you what they might 
look like -- the default standard location as we ship the code is 
/usr/local/mailman, but I know that a lot of package managers will 
install it somewhere else.

	It doesn't really matter where it's installed, what matters is 
the overall kinds of things you could expect to see there, and the 
overall processes you go through to try to debug the problems, and 
with regards to those two areas nothing has changed since Mailman 

	As such, it's not really appropriate to take Mark to task for not 
keeping the FAQ up-to-date, since there's not really much of anything 
that needs to be updated in that area.

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