[Mailman-Users] Some questions on moderation

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Jan 10 01:49:35 CET 2006

Steve Garcia 
>I want my lists to be moderated -- actually, I want them to be announce
>only lists.  The documentation indicates a setting "Must posts be
>approved by an administrator?"  However, I haven't found any such
>setting in the web interface.  I *have* found an "Emergency moderation"
>setting which looks like it might do the same thing, but the name makes
>me a little concerned.  Is there a downside to using "emergency
>moderation" to making a list moderated?

Yes, moderators aren't notified of 'emergency moderation' messages

>Is there a more straightforward
>way to do it?

The settings you want are Privacy options...->Sender
filters->default_member_moderation (yes to make all new members
moderated) and  "Set everyone's moderation bit, including those
members not currently visible" under Additional Member Tasks on the
Membership Management...->Membership List page to set current members
to 'moderated'.

for much more on setting up announce lists. 

>Also, I would like to set up a separate moderator.  How do I give that
>moderator access?

Tell her the password.

>I have defined the moderator's email address and I
>have defined a moderator's password, but I have no idea how the
>moderator logs in to approve requests.  I've tried going in through the
>regular "List Administrator" page, but it doesn't accept the moderator's
>password here.  How is this accessed?

The moderators interface is the 'admindb' page. This is the "Tend to
pending moderator requests" link on the admin pages (which you can't
get to with the moderator password). The URL (link) is also included
in the email sent to admins and moderators about pending requests.

It is of the form <http://www.example.com/mailman/admindb/LIST_NAME>.

for more on the distinction between owners and moderators.

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