[Mailman-Users] Does Mailman do the following? Not sure if this is what I need.

Jp Possenti jp at pifiu.com
Fri Jan 13 18:59:12 CET 2006

I have a list of customers (2,500) who decided that they would be interested
in receiving monthly, quarterly or yearly specials or information on our new
products, discounts or coupons.
I was wondering if Mailman would do the following:
Allow me to create an html flyer or text flyer, and send it out to one
address for example: newsletter at domain.com , and that address include the
2,500 e-mails, so that basically the users who receive them do not see the
other user's emails, and also have the recipient be newsletter at domain.com .
Basically send an email from newsletter at domain.com to newsletter at domain.com
and in there include the html site or text.
Now the second part of this question is, can mailman work without the need
to show the customers the mailman interface site? I would just like to
perhaps use mailman myself (the admin), and send it to them and if they ever
want to unsubscribe, just to reply to an email for example
unsubscribe at domain.com with maybe the word unsubscribe in the subject line?
So is there a way to add my 2,500 clients, send the masked emails so they
don't see other client's emails, send html, hide the mailman interface so
they don't get confused, and if they ever want to unsubscribe just send a
reply email with the subject unsubscribe or to a specific email?
In short, a lot of the question is if mailman web interface can be skipped
So is Mailman the appropriate program for what I am looking for? If not can
anyone recommend something that is?
Thanks in advance. 
Kind regards,

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