[Mailman-Users] Hello and newbie question(s)

J. Horton jeremy at lexpublib.org
Sun Jan 15 00:45:13 CET 2006


Been a regular user of Mailman for a while now (it's fantastic), but  
only recently digging into the command line side of things.  Our  
network guy did all the install, and slowly started showing me tips  
and tricks to do in Terminal (Mac).

I'm very adept at configuring list via the web interface, but I now  
have a bit of a problem.

Recently, we decided to set up individual lists for each Kentucky  
county represented in our organization's BIG LIST.  I created these  
lists (120 in all) using the command lines, and they are now set up  
and running (though empty).   Problem is, I'd like to set the same  
bounce processing variables for each list, without having to go into  
the web interface to each individually (a huge time killer).

Is there anyway to do this kind of work globally via the command  
line?  Here are the configurations I would like to try and do all at  
one time, and I was wondering not only how to type the command, but  
also how to enter the values (whether integer or Yes/No):

Configs with values the are integers:


Configs with values that are Yes/No:


Also, I have yet to import email addresses into these 120 individual  
lists.  I have, however, separated all the lists into individual text  
files ("countyX.txt", "countyY.txt", etc.)  Is there a way (again) to  
do this import via the command line (thus bypassing the web interface?)

My apologies for the newbie questions, but I'm on a bit of a  
deadline, so I wanted to see if there was an answer before I blocked  
out the next 10 hours digging into 120 Mailman web interfaces...

Thank you!

Jeremy Horton

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