[Mailman-Users] delay=10

noc ops aptgetd at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 03:27:06 CET 2006


a little intro as to what's i'm facing.

i have created a list called dev at mailman.domain.com on my mailman
(v2.1.5-8) server. I can send newly created messages to it with no
problems. when i try and forward messages (which worked earlier) it
intermittently and other times i get delay=10 and the message doesn't
make it to the list.

i even added "text/html" to the pass_mime_types list with no avail. this
list also has "text/plain".

there's no message limitation or changes occurred that i know of which
might be causing the server to block or hold messages.

let me know if you need any specific log outputs.

any insight will be appreciated.


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