[Mailman-Users] new setup

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Jan 19 17:11:22 CET 2006

AJ Peck wrote:
>Anyway, I have it set up, and it seems like it should be working. I get the
>confirmation messages when I add some of my e-mail accounts. 
>The problem lies, however, in the fact that when I send e-mails to account
>that I've setup, they don't go through. Neither do they go through when I
>send them via the web interface. I'm curious how the registration e-mails
>come through and not any of the others. 

You are getting outgoing messages from Mailman, but apparently,
incoming messages are either not reaching Mailman or are being held
within Mailman. Check Mailman's 'vette' and 'error' logs and the web
admindb interface. Also see

Also check your MTA logs.

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