[Mailman-Users] delay=10

noc ops aptgetd at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 17:52:00 CET 2006

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> noc ops wrote:
>>i have created a list called dev at mailman.domain.com on my mailman
>>(v2.1.5-8) server. I can send newly created messages to it with no
>>problems. when i try and forward messages (which worked earlier) it
>>intermittently and other times i get delay=10 and the message doesn't
>>make it to the list.
> Where does "delay=10" come from? In what context?

> This seems more like a problem in delivering to Mailman than a problem
> within Mailman.
what's perplexing is that it intermittently delivers messages to the
same alias. if i sent a test message to the same alias it go through at
all times?

> You could look at Mailman's 'error' and 'vette' logs for anything
> relevant.
/var/log/mailman/error is empty
/var/log/mailman/vetter shows nothing that i can point my finger at.

anything else that i can look at?



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