[Mailman-Users] Moving Mailman to New Server

Neilrey Espino Neilrey.Espino at FundSERV.com
Fri Jan 20 16:26:25 CET 2006

Thanks Mark,,,

And yes to your questions 

I will call it the same name,  the IP address will be changed but I will
just change the DNS entry and point it to my new IP...

I will install sendmail on it(but any suggestions ?)  and apache will be
installed as well.... I'll read on the links u sent...

I will do a test tonight,,,, 6PM EST......   

Many thanks again..


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Neilrey Espino wrote:
>Currently , our mailman is installed on our MTA and DNS server. I'm now

>planning to move it to a new RHEL4 dedicated server.
>What else do you think, I need to ensure that my migration would run 
>smoothly ??

Will the new server have the same hostname(s) (server.example.com) as
the old? Will it have an MTA and a web server for Mailman?

If the answers are yes, then you're probably OK.

If the name is different, see

If the new server doesn't have an MTA, you will have issues with sending
and receiving mail. If it doesn't have a web server, you will have
issues with the web interface.

In any case,
may be of interest.

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