[Mailman-Users] Determine List Bandwidth

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Sun Jan 22 21:59:12 CET 2006

At 1:27 PM -0500 2006-01-22, Bryan Carbonnell wrote:

>>  > Is there any facility within Mailman to determine the bandwidth used
>>  > by a specific list?
>>  Since there is no inbuilt way to do this with Mailman, I wrote a
>>  Python script to parse the POST log and take the size of the posts to
>>  a specific list and then multiply that by the number of active
>>  subscribers at the time this script was run.
>>  This gets the "stats" from the day before the script is run.

	[ ... deletia ... ]

>  This is an updated version, which now includes that facility to e-mail
>  the results.
>  I have also tried it on my server and it works fine for me. I think
>  that some of the commands or modules require Python 2.3 or higher.

	Thinking about this some more, this sounds kind of like what I'm 
doing with the "MailMan Daily Status Report (mmdsr)" script, which 
you can find at 
I'm working to get this included in the contrib/ directory of 
Mailman, so that everyone will get a copy of it with the tarball, as 
opposed to having to download it separately.

	Of course, my stuff is written in Bourne shell and not Python, 
but there might be some stuff there that you find useful.  I 
recommend you check it out and see what you think.

	If you find anything useful and that you want to incorporate into 
your tool, I would ask that you please let me know, although that 
isn't required according to the terms of the BSD-style license that I 

	If you've got stuff that you think I might find interesting, I'd 
appreciate getting more information from you on the kind of output 
you think is useful and how you're creating it.

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