[Mailman-Users] Email accounts for bounces, admin, confirm, etc

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Jan 24 01:07:44 CET 2006

Elvis Fernandes wrote:
>In my case, the company mail server is being maintained by the IT team, and
>the mailman server is being maintained by me.
>So from what you tell me, the /etc/aliases need to be updated in the company
>mail server, right? Currently, the /etc/aliases are updated only in the
>mailman server.
>When I email to unix_sysadmin-bounces, it comes back with permanent fatal
>My theory for this error is: when I email unix_sysadmin-bounces, it goes to
>the company email server. Since this email server does not have
>unix_sysadmin-bounces email account, it just returns the email to the
>sender. The company email server does not have a way to check with the
>mailman server. Right?

That complicates things considerably. What you need is for mail from
the outside world to any of the 10 addresses per list to be delivered
to your server. How this can be accomplished on the company mail
server depends on what MTA runs there. It could probably be done with
10 email accounts per list, each with it's own .forward or other
mechanism to redirect the mail to the Mailman server. It could
probably also be done with aliases on the company server, or possibly

If the company mail server, via NTFS or whatever, could see the list of
directories in Mailman's lists/ directory, it would be able to
progammatically determine whether any particular address is a valid
Mailman address and act accordingly (assuming it is progammable to
that degree), but the IT people probably wouldn't like that since you
could create a list with the same name as a company email user and
'intercept' that mail.

It seems the 'best' solution is to use a separate email domain for
Mailman, e.g. lists.company.com or mailman.company.com and publish an
MX DNS record to get that domain delivered to the Mailman server.

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