[Mailman-Users] external archiver

Scott Michael Koch koch at cs.utk.edu
Tue Jan 24 04:45:55 CET 2006


Is it possible to set the {PUBLIC,PRIVATE}_EXTERNAL_ARCHIVER variable on
a per-list basis?

The reason I ask this is because a particular list owner is wanting to
disable all email address(even the anti-spam mailman version) in the
public list archives for their particular public lists. Is there a clean
mailman style way of doing this on a per list basis? 

Someone recomended using hypermail, but I do not want to have to use this 
on all the lists at my site. I would rather not use an external archiver 
if at all possible.

Has anyone found any other/better methods for hiding email addresses in
archives on a per-list basis?


Scott Koch                                    
CS Undergraduate & UTKCS System Administrator 
865-974-3840 / koch at cs.utk.edu                

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