[Mailman-Users] Mailman stagger script?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Jan 25 16:55:13 CET 2006

Daniel/The Fold wrote:

>I was told by my hosting company that I need to pick a mailing list manager for my 14,000+ subscriber e-mail list that would stagger the sending of the email to something like 300 e-mails per hour to lower the impact on the server. I already have Mailman installed, and the entire list currently sits there. Is there any way to do this with Mailman? 

The short answer is no. You can set SMTP_MAX_RCPTS = 300 in mm_cfg.py
(default is 500) and modify the code in SMTPDirect.py to put in a
timer and not send more that one chunk an hour, but I would definitely
not recommend that as it would have all kinds of unintended

Have you considered that at 300 per hour, it takes 2 days to deliver
14,000+ messages. If there are posts more often than 1 every 2 to 3
days, you'll get hopelessly backlogged.

Where is this list hosted? Is it on your server or at the hosting
company. If it's your box and you have your own outgoing MTA, this
shouldn't be an issue for the hosting company other than the bandwidth
on your connection if they provide that.

If the list (Mailman) is hosted at the hosting company, isn't this
their problem? Of course perhaps they are solving that by telling you
you can't do that, in which case, it may be time to find a new host.

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