[Mailman-Users] Extracting membership list

Fernando Sabio hey_you at earthling.net
Thu Jan 26 03:21:02 CET 2006

I moved a few lists as part of a larger site-move and the lists aren't being
recognized as valid recipients when list members email the lists (ie: an
email to either list, ie: "all@<domain>", get's returned with either a 503
or 550 error.)
	Yet the lists can be administered, show a membership list, etc, so
otherwise, they look normal.

I have 2 lists, one simple and one not so simple.

After a lot of emails to cPanel (how I transferred sites), they've yet to be
able to fix, so I deleted the smaller/simple list and recreated it just as I
had it before, and now the "all@<domain>" functionality works as expected.

I'd like to do this with the 2nd list but the membership list spans many,
many pages.  (so a copy/paste via browser to notepad isn't efficient)

I have root on this box, and the "config.pck" file is available to me here:


But the config.pck file isn't useful to me in a text editor when all I want
are the email addresses of existing members.

How does one extract the member data from a list like this if I'm the
rightful admin?



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