[Mailman-Users] Confirmation problems

Niemi Hannu Hannu.Niemi at kuntaliitto.fi
Thu Jan 26 07:22:37 CET 2006

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> Lähettäjä: Mark Sapiro [mailto:msapiro at value.net] 
> Lähetetty: 25. tammikuuta 2006 17:37
> Vastaanottaja: Niemi Hannu; mailman-users at python.org
> Aihe: Re: [Mailman-Users] Confirmation problems

> Have you overridden PENDING_REQUEST_LIFE in mm_cfg.py?

Not that I know... and I checked, no such a line. The default in Defaults.py seems to be days(3) as it should....
> How are you confirming? Web or email? Does it fail both ways? 
> What do the actual confirm strings look like?

Yes, it fails all ways, I have tried replying, sending the confirm string and by the web form. Always the same.

Confirm string looks like this:
confirm 0e36dd2b0c2825e99b3a9fe234790f8fba059f6f

> >I also added another virtual host to mailman, and this list uses it, 
> >could this cause this somehow?
> Is it only this list that fails? It is not likely a virtual 
> host problem as host really isn't involved in processing 
> confirmations.

I had to test the others. To be honest I haven't earlier used this kind of "user-driven subscription" in any of the lists on that server, but have been adding the users on the web form instead.

And the result is that (what was exactly what I was afraid of ;)) that at least the one I tested worked...

What gives???

Best regards


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