[Mailman-Users] An interesting problem 2.1.6

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Jan 27 05:52:36 CET 2006

Charles M. Owen wrote:

>One of my users is getting the owner e-mail for some reason I can't figure
>out. There are only two places (admin & Moderator) and He is not there. He
>gets the request and the confirmation of the subscription.
>Where do I look?

Generally, internally generated Mailman owner notifications are sent to
list-owner at example.com and only after being received at that address
are they resent to the admin and moderator addresses.

So check what the MTA is doing with the list-owner address (aliases,
something else?).

Also check Mailman's smtp log. You'll normally see two entries with the
same message id. The first for 1 recipient (the mail to list-owner)
and the second perhaps a couple of seconds later for 'n' recipients
which will tell you how many admins/moderators it is sent to.

If you send mail directly to list-owner at example.com, does he get it?

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