[Mailman-Users] Confirmation e-mail goes to user that isnotadmin or moderator

Charles M. Owen cmowen at att.net
Sat Jan 28 03:28:24 CET 2006

It reports to be 2.1.6. I will have to forward your comments to tech
support, but I have only one forwarder in my lists that was created by the
installation program provided. (You have indicated this forward is wrong,
thus unrouted/bad addresses go to the persons designated)

If you think of anything, I will also pass my tech supports help if helpful.

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Charles M. Owen wrote:
>I am an end-user of a rented server. I do not have access to mailman
>directly. What is "MTA"?


>I did discover three things. 
>1) The person getting the unwanted message sent me a copy and it was to
><list>-owner@<example.com> from mailman-bounces@<example.com>  

This is how owner notifications should be sent.

>2) When I added the list through the control panel, it automatically placed
>a forwarder (only one) in the forwarder list:
>owner-<list>@<example.com>  ==>>> <list>-admin@<example.com>  

This is wrong. If the intent of whatever did this is to handle mail to
owner-<list>@<example.com> by forwarding it to the list owner, it
should be forwarded to <list>-owner@<example.com>.

<list>-admin@<example.com> is a deprecated address. It hasn't been
actually used since Mailman 2.0.x. In Mailman 2.1.x it is a synonym
for <list>-bounces@<example.com>.

>2) Two people DID GET it that I did not expect and I found both addresses
>forwarded from the "Default Address Maintenance" where "All unrouted mail
>will be sent".
>SO... I get the message for being in the moderator field as I should and
>they get it for unrouted mail. "<list>-owner" instead of "owner-<list>"
>should be forwarded. This is my working theory!! I have an idea of this is
>the course of action, but those more familiar can advise.

I'm not sure I'm correctly parsing the above, but the owner-<list>
address is not a Mailman address. It is an address that is generically
used by some to reach the owner of the list. Thus, with a Mailman
list, this address is supported by forwarding to the address that
actually reaches the owner.

What version of Mailman is this? I've been assuming it is a recent
2.1.x version, but maybe not, so what is it?

>THUS... what do I need to do or get the provider to fix?

Mailman 2.1.x expects 10 addresses per list to be delivered to Mailman
in specific ways and to not be 'unknown'.

These addresses are

<list>-bounces at ...
<list>-admin at ...  (does not go to the owner, goes to -bounces)
<list>-owner at ...
<list>-join at ...
<list>-leave at ...
<list>-subscribe at ...
<list>-unsubscribe at ...
<list>-request at ...
<list>-confirm at ...

Mailman 2.0.x expects only 4

<list>-admin at ...  (does go to the owner)
<list>-owner at ...
<list>-request at ...

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