[Mailman-Users] Display??

JustBrits_com justbrits at comcast.net
Sun Jan 29 01:40:36 CET 2006

Hi Gents & Ladies!

Another newbie here.

Dan/The Fold wrote....
<<but for budget purposes I have switched to
bluehost.com which is where the mailman list currently resides.

Which is where I am also.  FWIW, it's mailman 2.1.6 for Dan's problem.

Now I joined this List as it was what was suggested by Bluehost because of
my question which they could not answer (and I HAVE found them to be
EXCELLENT!!!) so I have just been "reading"-;) !

My question to them was:
I am Admin/Owner of a Mailman List offered by Bluehost.com thru my site
www.justbrits.com .

In setting up the orginal List and while under 20 or so Members the
membership List showed Full Page (length).  When Membership got to somewhere
around  30, the List changed to an Alphabetic styled one and I HATE it.

I have not only search on on-site documation and requested assitence from
Bluehost Tech (who directed me here) but alsognu/org/software/mailman site
and can find NOTHING which even mentions the option to return to a FULL List

Is there one???

So my question remains the same????

As an aside, I do NOT think we (Dan & I) have access to the Mailman "shell".



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