[Mailman-Users] Why are footers sent as attachments?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sun Jan 29 21:18:12 CET 2006

Jp Possenti wrote:

>Why is it that when I set Mailman to apply a footer with some info, Outlook
>detects it as an attachment?
>Is this yet another problem with just outlook?
>Also does the footer in mailman support HTML?

Please read the FAQ. A search of the FAQ for footer should turn up the
answers to both these questions.

>I want to make it so at the bottom of every email I can include a reply to
>address for them to unsubscribe.
>This sort of leads me to my next question.
>To have a user unsubscribe without seeing the web interface and just by
>email, which would be the right command?
>Listname-leave at domain.com
>List-unsubscribe at domain.com

Either one, they're synonymous (assuming List and Listname are

>Or are there more?

Send an unsubscribe command to list-request at ...

>Also does anything need to be written in the subject line? If not, what if
>someone writes something or writes something that is not right, will it
>still unsubscribe them?

For the first two, the subject is ignored so the answer to your second
question is yes.

>I would like to state that if they want to be removed, to please "click
>here" to send an email to unsubscribe.

You can simply put some text and <mailto:list-unsubscribe at example.com>,
but whether or not this will be 'clickable' depends entirely on the
recipient's MUA. Even if you make the footer look like HTML, it will
be in a text/plain part of the message so it won't be rendered as HTML.

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