[Mailman-Users] How hard is it to spoof an email?

Ed justbrits at comcast.net
Mon Jan 30 00:26:02 CET 2006

If I may, Mark -;).....

<<You say I should not have my admin email as a list member. By that you
"listname at domain.com" which is the default address as the admin?>>

I don't think that's correct??

<<If so then what am I supposed to create, and why would creating one make a

Even tho I only have 4 Lists with not even a total of 200 folks I have an
"alias" on each one.
I have a seperate file folder with a Rule that puts List Mail there.

That, although somewhat of a PITA, I KNOW things are working correctly.

When I get one post in Reg mail and non is "alias" folder OR vice versa, I
know something is wrong.

Newbie Ed

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