[Mailman-Users] isolating mailman attributes/variables

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sun Jul 2 00:25:50 CEST 2006

Carconni wrote:
>I have a few hundred lists.  During migration some of my reply to variables were over written with wrong reply to address.  This didn't happen to all of the lists but those that did have this overwrite need to be corrected.  (All my lists have explicit reply to).
>For example:  List A at abc.xyz.com  has an explicit reply to A at xyz.com, List B at abc.xyz.com has an explicit reply to B at xyz.com.
>Now C at abc.xyz.com should have an explicit reply to C at xyz.com but somehow wound up with B at xyz.com as it's reply to address.
>In addition, B at xyz.com was written to some other lists as well.

It seems from your example that just setting all your lists'
reply_goes_to_list to 'This list' would do what you want without
bothering with reply_to_address.

>Is there a way to weed out which lists have a given reply to address?  I don't really want to walk through each list to find out which list contains the wrong variable.

You could put the following 3-line script:

begins on next line------------------------------------
def find_reply_to_address(mlist):
    print 'List: %s: reply_to_address = %s' % \
        (mlist.real_name, mlist.reply_to_address)
ends on previous line----------------------------------

in the file bin/find_reply_to_address.py and then run

bin/withlist -a -r find_reply_to_address > output_file

Of course, you could put other logic in the script to only print the
list name if reply_to_address = 'b at xyz.com' or even to figure what the
address should be and change it, but the latter requires locking,
saving and unlocking the list in the script.

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