[Mailman-Users] Trying to tighten up my security...

Jon D. Slater Jon.Slater at LPBroadband.Net
Mon Jul 10 19:09:05 CEST 2006

Hi All,


I have two lists one called 'Board at blahblah.com' which is the board of
directors and one called 'Members at blahblah.com'.


My Member's list changes frequently.


I would like to be able to allow anyone on the 'Members' list to send e-mail
to the 'Board' with out having to add each member to the board list.


I found this clue:

> How do I allow subscribers from another list to post in my list without
adding them as members?


>     This particular feature might be useful if you manage multiple lists,
but would like common 

>     senders among them all without needing to update each one when a new
subscriber is added.


>     To do this, log into the list's administrative interface:


>       * Go to Privacy options

>       * Go to Sender filters

>       * Add another list's address into accept_these_listsenders
(including @mailman.ucalgary.ca, one address per line)

>       * Press the Submit Your Changes button when finished 


But I don't see 'accept_these_listsenders' on any of my Board at blahblah.com
administrative pages.


How do I do this?



Mailman:  2.1.8

OS: Fedora Core 4 (kernel-2.6.17-1.2141_FC4)

Apache: 2.0








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