[Mailman-Users] Strange problem with password.

Fabiano Breves fabiano.breves at gmail.com
Mon Jul 10 22:32:47 CEST 2006

Hi All,

This problem came out of nowhere. Everything was just fine till today. I
have a large announce-only list and use the 'Approved: password on the first
line' method to securely send messages to the list. As I said it was working
just fine, but today, the user responsable of sending the announces (and I),
had a surprise - the password was revealed troughout the list. I changed the
password, no ane had the time to use it to spam into the list (thank God).

I have a test list with just a few internal users, and tried to replicate
the problem without much success.

The user is sending the message from an Outlook Express client in Rich Text
format (HTML). This seemed not to be a problem till now.

As I couldn't replicate the problem within the test list I'm afraid that the
password will be revealed again.

I checked the source code of the messages and noticed there are two texts,
one in plain text format (without the password) and one in HTML format (with
the password).

If do not use the password the message can't be send. Did anyone have a
similar problem ?? Does anyone knows a better way to securely send
announce-only messages ??

thanks for your help.

Fabiano de Carvalho Breves
fabiano.breves at gmail.com

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