[Mailman-Users] moving mailman

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Jul 11 01:35:13 CEST 2006

mardin at comcast.net wrote:
>The Mailman 2.1.5 was running well. We wanted to move it to another computer with more powerfull hardware. We installed the same Linux system on the new computer.
>Then we moved all Mailman related data from the original computer to the new computer:
>We powered off the original computer and renamed the new computer with the original hostname and IP address. After that we restarted mailman on the new computer and got the master qrunner lock errors::
># su - mailman
>$ cd /usr/local/mailman
>$ bin/mailmanctl start
>The master qrunner lock could not be acquired. It appears as though there is a stale master qrunner lock. Try re-running mailmanctl with the -s flag.

Because you moved /usr/local/mailman while Mailman was running on the
old system so you moved the lock files.

>We re-run mailmanctl with the -s flag without errors: 
>$ bin/mailmanctl -s start


>then restart mailman again:
>$ bin/mailmanctl -s -q start

Unless you stopped Mailman in between, you now have two masters and
sets of qrunners running. This is bad. See
and stop all the Mailman processes as described there and then do
'bin/mailmanctl start' just once.

>The maiman daeman were up but both mailman and http://hostname/mailman/admin/ didn't work. Does anyone know how to resolve it?

Didn't work how? What happens when you post to a list? What happens
when you go to that URL?

>questions: Is the above moving method correct or not? Did we forget something else? Is there a better way to move mailman without re-compile it to another same hostname, IP address, and same OS system machine?

I would stop the MTA, web server, Mailman and all other services on the
source machine before moving the directories and files, but I would
prefer to actually install and test all the software on the new box
and then just move the list and archive data for Mailman.

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