[Mailman-Users] email footers

Jim Popovitch jimpop at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 12 05:21:35 CEST 2006

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Jim Popovitch wrote:
>> I've been using demime for years to strip reduna nt email footers (Sent 
>> by..., Post: ..., Options: ..., etc.) in addition to stripping 
>> attachments.  I am now setting up a new server and plan to migrate 
>> existing lists to it.  In the past we have not used Mailman's content 
>> filtering mechanisms, but I plan to do so now (mm v2.1.8).   So.... a 
>> cursory look at this list seems to show that MM can strip existing 
>> footers off of email relies, is this true or does python.org use 
>> something else?
> Mailman can strip footers if they are a separate MIME part with a
> content-type that you don't want to accept for the list. If the
> footers are simply appended to the body of the mail or if they are
> added as a separate MIME part but with the same content-type (e.g.
> text/plain) as the body you want to accept, then Mailman's content
> filtering can't remove them without also removing the body unless they
> are in a separate MIME part with a 'filename' with a reliable
> extension that you can filter on, but this is not likely to be the
> case.

Hmmm.  Makes sense.  How does this list work then, it appears that the 
footers of this list are a stripped in replies.  I imagine some people 
do it themselves, but is there anything used to automatically strip old 
footers that might appear in replies?  I noticed that some of this 
behavior might be due to me using Thunderbird which appears to not 
include footers following "--" in a message.

-Jim P.

Test footer
Test footer two

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