[Mailman-Users] Missing host name in attachment URL

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Jul 13 17:12:41 CEST 2006

Bausch, Jean wrote:
>I have just upgraded my Mailman from 2.1.2 to 2.1.8 hoping to resolve
>this problem, but it still persists:
>when I have a message with an attachment, the URL to the attachment
>doesn't contain the host name:
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>A non-text attachment was scrubbed...
>Name: OSD installation guide.doc
>Type: application/msword
>Size: 134182 bytes
>Desc: OSD installation guide.doc
>Url :
>The same truncated URL is included in the mails forwarded to the
>I have set in mm_cfg.py:
>DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'myhost.mch.fsc.net'
>DEFAULT_URL_HOST = 'myhost.mch.fsc.net'
>DEFAULT_URL       = 'http://myhost.mch.fsc.net/mailman'

DEFAULT_URL is a deprecated setting. Don't use it. If you need to
change the form of the URL, the setting to use is DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN,
but the default setting

DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN = 'http://%s/mailman/'

should be OK in your case so you don't need this in mm_cfg.py. Also
confirm what you have for PUBLIC_ARCHIVE_URL. The default

PUBLIC_ARCHIVE_URL = 'http://%(hostname)s/pipermail/%(listname)s'

should be OK here too.

After fixing mm_cfg.py, do 'bin/mailmanctl restart' and then run
fix_url on your list. See

Actually, I believe the problem must be in your setting for
PUBLIC_ARCHIVE_URL, and you don't need to run fix_url for that change
to be effective, but you do need to restart Mailman.

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